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  • Color Palette
  • Typographic Standards
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Social Media: Visual Strategy & Assets
  • Brand Identity Package
  • Brand Governance

The Opportunity

Revitalize the brand identity. Address the user-friendliness of the existing logo. Develop, codify, and document brand identity.



I collaborated closely with the orchestra's leadership and web designer, conducting a comprehensive analysis resulting in a retooling of the existing logo, development of a new and compelling color palette to better convey their brand identity. Additionally, I established standards of use for typography and suggested ideas for design and layout. Social media strategy was another developing brand touchpoint. I worked closely with the social media manager to develop a set of assets that would both enhance messaging and drive brand awareness.


Reactivate their existing brand: Breathe new life into the orchestra's brand identity, restoring its vitality and relevance.

Establish consistency: Create a unified and consistent brand presence across various touchpoints, including the website, social media, and promotional materials.

Set the tone to appeal to a more diverse audience: Craft a brand image that resonates with a broader and more diverse audience, thereby increasing engagement and support.

Set the groundwork for further brand development: Lay a solid foundation for future brand enhancements and evolution.


The implementation of the proposed solution has had a profound impact on the Wenatchee Valley Symphony Orchestra's brand revitalization. The brand guidelines, in particular, have proven to be invaluable throughout the website development process, as well as in managing their social media presence and seasonal promotions.

Overall, this project has not only enhanced the orchestra's brand consistency but also positioned them to connect with a more diverse and engaged audience while providing a strong foundation for future brand development initiatives.


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