The world isn’t what it used to be. Us our approach to education meet the needs of a diverse student body and keeping pace with a dynamic employment landscape? Shift:ED is an opportunity for people involved in all levels of education–from early childhood education to the workplace–to build upon what is working in education and explore new ways to meet the changing needs of a changing world.

The Problem

Each community sees its issues and opportunities. The TEDx events have been crucial platforms for curiosity and voice! In 2019 the focal point was education. We had a diverse group of people and a vision. It needed an identity and visual code to unify as we built the event.



Call all educators to the table

Garner excitement and anticipation for the event

Spread the word and establish a unified identity


We looked to other TED and TEDx events for guidance. The TED brand is strong and was our jumping-off point for our own approach personalized for our subject and community.



The event identity set the tone and focus for the event. The collateral was a concrete connection to the content presented and offered a sense of belonging to those who participated.

In Action

Our event was an inspiring catalyst for thought and action. The unification of identity and message grounded each participant.

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