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Stan’s Merry Mart has a long and well respected history in Wenatchee Washington. It is important to visually represent them in a professional and consistent way. Learning their history and understanding their legacy will help create successful and consistent results.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Tagline
  • Brand and Style Guide
  • Kit of parts
  • Signage
  • Employee Handbook

Stan’s historical presence in the valley is marked by a huge iconic sign that greets drivers traveling up and down Wenatchee Ave. This historic sign takes viewers back to a different time and place. It’s a time capsule still beloved by locals and visitors alike.

The Problem

After years of doing business in the community, the Stans brand is securely set. With the possibility of new locations, a strategic approach was needed to introduce Stan’s brand beyond the valley. In addition to staking down Stan’s brand, many different versions of the wordmark had led to inconsistent visual identity. With the desire to have a clear message and the need for brand awareness, we identified a series of phases to address their goals.


Our discovery work led to an audit of the existing visual identity, revealing a scattered and inconsistent approach to visuals. Working with their leadership, we identified and defined their keywords and brand essence. To help further communicate the uniqueness and benefit of Stan’s, we crafted a new tagline.


Refresh and establish a visual identity and style guide

Define a distinguishable brand that is recognizable across many forms of media

Build a foundation for future design work

Create a tool and strategy to unify all aspects of Stan’s Merry Mart and empower the owners and employees in an effort to continue to build strong brand awareness.

A kit of parts and a style guide prepare their team to deploy their brand in future projects. Guided by this north star, has helped unify and build awareness for customers and employees alike. With newfound vision and focus, Stan’s message can be heard over the radio, on social media, and in their print communications. As they expand their footprint, their vision can be easily introduced and integrated.

Stan's new sign. Updated but without loosing original classic charm.

Stan’s sign is a local landmark and helps to define South Wenatchee Ave. Without losing the original charm, we worked with local Graybeal Signs to replace the old, damaged sign; keep the nostalgic beacon in our community for the next generation!