Two Twelve Website Development

Ever been lost in a huge building, stadium etc? Two Twelve helps you to find your way simply and easily. They specialize in public usability/information design. Arguably one of the most important applications of design. Two Twelve is based in NYC with clients including Citibank, Bloomberg, The Empire State Building, Johns Hopkins Hospital, The University of North Carolina and more. The folks at Two Twelve are wonderful people to work with and I would definitely recommend them if you need this type of work.

Two Twelve came to us with a great design (naturally) that needed to be implemented into the Squarespace CMS so that they could easily update it. This project was by far the most custom development project we have ever done in customizing Squarespace.

Key development accomplishments

  • Squarespace blog/journals turned into portfolio areas. With the excerpt thumb images auto displaying in a masonry style.
  • page loading functionality
  • custom webfonts
  • third party lightbox
  • CSS3 use throughout
  • Mobile/multiple screen responsiveness
  • Custom portfolio navigation bar
  • accordion functionality
Launch Project 
Two Twelve