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Kaplan Legal Education’s Class Area

We were given the wonderful opportunity to work on the completely custom front end design and development of Kaplan Legal Education’s virtual classroom, the interface that students use on a daily basis as their way of “going to school”

White-labeling: It needed to be designed out in such a way so that it could be easily skinned out and used for other schools branding, colors and graphics.


  1. This website is used as a learning tool for teachers and students to communicate back and forth. Because of this the most important aspect of our job was usability.
  2. Students need to navigate easily with the least amount of clicks and know where they are at all times.
  3. Landing/dashboard page to give the student an overall look at their stats, what’s coming up and what’s currently available.
  4. The ability to white-label the product quickly and easily


  • Entire site was designed and developed using only a small amount of images, making it much easier to re-skin
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Accordion functionality
  • Archiveable News section design
  • Front-end development from scratch

If you are responsible for communications for a school, business or organization, Awdience is your perfect partner.  As the VP for communications for the nation’s first online law school, we used their services to build specialty websites, banners and print to target specific audiences.  The trick was to bring flair and creativity to the work within established brand guidelines.  Awdience is a great resource: they get to know – and care – about your objectives; are opinionated in a good way; provide old-fashioned, personal service. 
Donna Skibbe, H. Watson Consulting

Kaplan's Concord Legal Education branch