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The Fashion Sketch Pad

Fashion web design: We were hired by the wonderfully talented clothing designer Tamar Daniel to built a website for her new startup business originally known as “Hokey Croquis”. Hokey Croquis specialized in high quality sketchpad products for fashion designers and was such a hit, Chronicle books purchased Hokey Croquis from Tamar. Because of this, some changes were in order; “The Fashion Sketchpad” is a complete re-design of Hokey Croquis.

We feel that both websites are very different but equally fun and effective in communicating the product in fun and clever ways.

You be the judge, see the older site starting on third slide.


  1. Fashion design accessible to anyone regardless of skill level.
  2. To advertise the sketchpad and branding.
  3. To give a personal feel to the product and company.
  4. Encouragement of social interaction and networking.
  5. Brand: fun, friendly, professional and smart.


  • Custom web-fonts
  • Fade to show the template (croquis) and a possible ending result sketch
  • Social media integration
  • Newsletter signups
  • WordPress CMS (original site on Squarespace CMS)
  • Color coded pages

“Awdience delivers on time, every time, and gives everything 100%. Prices are competitive, work is a cut above, and they will always make themselves available to your company.” Tamar Daniel – The Fashion Sketchpad and TMRDNL

Launch Project 
Tamar Daniel