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Small Business LLM

Custom Squarepace design: Under Kaplan’s Legal Education, a Masters of Law program – known as an LLM was launched. These degree programs specialize in specific areas. This one in particular specializes in small businesses. Our job was to design a custom website using Squarespace so that it would be easily updatable.


  1. Brochure style site for marketing and information
  2. “Small business” does not get the attention it deserves from the law schools and legal profession, legal services are expensive, etc. This site is to help law students fill this gap.
  3. Prospective students to check out the program.
  4. The site needs to be a “thought leader”, being content rich.
  5. Increase visibility and reputation in the legal profession and academic communities.
  6. Brand: To broadly follow Kaplan’s branding standard but to also stand apart and be it’s own.


  • Informational signup forms
  • Blog
  • Custom web-fonts
  • Newsletter signups
  • Custom Squarespace CMS
  • SEO optimized
  • Color coded sections

If you are responsible for communications for a school, business or organization, Awdience is your perfect partner.  As the VP for communications for the nation’s first online law school, we used their services to build specialty websites, banners and print to target specific audiences.  The trick was to bring flair and creativity to the work within established brand guidelines.  Awdience is a great resource: they get to know – and care – about your objectives; are opinionated in a good way; provide old-fashioned, personal service. 
Donna Skibbe, H. Watson Consulting

Launch Project 
Kaplan Legal Education