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Icône Winery breaks with tradition by bringing to the market premium award-winning Walla Walla wine in a can. Icône is for a new generation of wine drinkers, young people who are open-minded and welcome a new approach to the world of fine wine.

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  • Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging (Consumer)
  • Packaging (B2B Promotion-Pitch Kit)
  • Product Photography
  • Concept Photography
  • Art Direction - Lifestyle Photography
  • Print
  • Illustration
  • Sales presentation video


Challenge the perception that only mediocre wine comes in a can.

Convey a sense of elegance alongside a rebellious spirit.

Deliver the perception that customers are a part of something new, boundary-pushing, and they get to be a part of the discovery.

Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit
Retail Pitch Kit

The Icône identity continues to overdeliver on perceived value.

Four equal-sized billboards hang on a deteriorating wall.  The billboards do not have any images or text on them, and they are covered with white paper.  The section of the block wall above the billboards is losing most of its red covering, appearing gray with scattered cracks.
Old used coaster or bottle pad. For beer or other drinks, isolated. Add your own design, message or logo.

I was inspired by Coco Chanelle, who broke with tradition and designed clothing for women inspired by the simplicity and elegance of menswear.
Supreme was another source of inspiration. I was struck by the brand’s history, rebellious spirit and, its ability to rise to such an extreme status symbol.



Red, white, black; The connection to luxury, desire, and bold undeniability is a part of the visual language. On the shelf, they stand out in a sea of outdoorsy or poolside canned competition.


Icône is now available in the Seahawk’s Lumen Field VIP suites, selling an average of 240 4-packs of cans per game and will soon be featured at more sports stadiums, cruise ships, and music festivals.

Icône can be found on the shelves of several large PNW grocery chains including Town & Country, PCC, Rosauers, & Harbor Greens

The pitch kit continues to be an endless source of entertainment and connection, helping the sales team facilitate new relationships.

E. Wenatchee, WA


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