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Crunch – Musings on the Fruit Industry & Fruit Graphic Design

fruit-designAwdience prides its self on delivering excellent design solutions to a wide variety of clients. At the same time, being located in Wenatchee, the heart of apple country we have a healthy gathering of clients in the fruit industry. Striving to be design experts in a specific industry has been quite the journey and we are still learning. I think the biggest challenge is staying fresh for all of our clients that fall in these industry and finding great solutions that get results. Each one of them is selling the same kinds of products.


Staying Fresh!

So how do you stay fresh? How do you stand out in an industry that is saturated by “beautiful images of fruit”? How do you make a consumer pay attention? This is all part of the journey and we are ecstatic to embark on it. This article is our brainstorm of thoughts and ideas and observations about the fruit industry and the current state of fruit graphic design.

Currently there seems to exist several trends in the fruit industry:


This trend consists of clean backdrops and beautiful fruit photography. Color is used sparingly, yet tends to be bright and bold. It looks healthy, clean and fresh


Fruit Stand

If you are from a fruit producing region, you’ve have seen it! A rustic fruit stand with piles of fresh picked fruit. This packaging trend mimics this home grown eclectic look. We see natural materials replicated, we see natural colors schemes and hand carved or hand painted lettering styles. The point here is to look farm fresh and wholesome.


In the 1860’s there was the “Arts and Crafts” movement. This iconic movement started in the 1860s and continued into the early 20th Century. In short, this movement was a rebellion against the industrial revolution. Participants aimed to get back to the roots of the decorative arts. I feel that we have entered into a revival of this ideology. The farmers market is a wonderful example of this. We see the trend emulated when the goal is to convoy a sense of the artisan/small batch/family focused/premium product. The visual clues for this look is vintage styled eclectic graphics. There is an emphasis on the age of the product (est. 1983). We see traditional color palates, distressed textures/weathered textures. Woodblock printing look and letterpress style display type.

So how do you stand out in an industry that has some definite trends? How do you move toward solutions that are pushing boundaries in a very conservative industry? Awdience is aiming to answer this question. It’s a story yet to be written.


Kids, These Days!

Cartoons a totally cute and I’ve seen a lot of them in the Washinton fruit market. Here’s the deal though, unless that character is something already familiar, I feel like the cartoon character will quickly become obsolete. If that character isn’t reinforced on tv and other products, I am skeptical if it’s effectiveness is lasting.

Things to consider

This articles aim is to focus on the end consumer of produce: the average supermarket shopper. The key is getting in the head of that person.



It’s exciting to see people in the US gaining increased knowledge of healthy choices and taking health into their own hands. Although, we all know fruit is healthy, so possibly there is room to expand upon this. Fun, easy to read info-graphic inspired packaging? What about a buy this, not that message?

Getting Kids Excited About Fruit?

It’s easy to say that kids play a big part in what their parents buy. But when it comes to health, the last thing you want to do is sound like a parent. There is room to grow in this avenue that is beyond the cute cartoon character concept that I harped on earlier. I think a better rout might be to involve kids in projects. Planting a seed of inspiration is a much more effective way to get kids involved in what they are eating. If you give kids a way of being in control, I believe you will get results.


Get creative

Ah Pinterest. Full of beautiful ideas. I’ve seen this before in the produce industry. Creative display ideas from decor to culinary displays. This would be a great opportunity to explore some interactive take aways. This would also be a great opportunity to get children involved in familiarizing themselves with the benefits of fruit.


Now this is something that I have not really seen in the produce industry. I would love to see/explore this avenue. The best commercials are the funny/witty ones in my opinions. Packaging or take aways that make you chuckle are sure to get some attention. This would possibly appeal to a younger crowd of shoppers who respond more readily to funny. This could be a response to pop culture or trends and could reflect the now.

Strong, Long-lasting Solutions

Development of effective campaigns does not start with the need for packaging and other deliverables. Developing a strong concept before starting with the need for deliverables is the way to get strong, long lasting results. When asked to create work, I always try to work with my clients to take a step back from the end (packaging) result and focus on the message. I want to take this to the next level and work with my clients to develop strong concepts and strategies. If I can get my fruit industry clients to understand the importance of this, I think the end result will be something that is well worth the time, effort and money.

If you have any questions etc I would love to discuss with you! You can connect with me here: [click here to contact me] or feel free to call me at: 360-981-6754

— Elena at Awdience

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