A new way of Lookinig at apple flavors!

Each apple delivers a special experience, combining sugars, acids, lightness, density, aromas and flavors. Use the color bars to discover the unique flavor experience for each apple, from first bite to that finishing flavor that lingers on your taste buds.

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  • Product Vision
  • Naming
  • Concept
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Infographic

The Problem

CMI had outgrown a sweet-to-tart meter that appeared as a customer engagement and retail, educational tool. As more apples were added to their offerings and product lines, the tool became cumbersome and failed to deliver the desired results. Another insight was that there were missed opportunities to engage their customers with insightful flavor information.

Before: Sweeet To Tart Retail Card
Before: Sweeet To Tart Retail Card

I analyzed how apples appeared in the marketplace and gained insight from CMI’s marketing team. I saw parallels in some of the issues that wine retail faces. People often choose well-known varietals rather than try something new. I envisioned an at-a-glance solution that helped customers gain quick insight into the flavor profiles that they might encounter.

blank poster hanging on binders on concrete background


Help new varietals gain a footing in the marketplace.

Lower the barrier for shoppers choosing something new.

Design a flexible system that could accommodate new additions.



I created a color bar system that could be adjusted depending on the flavor experience. The graphic is paired with imagery and descriptions. It’s both “at-a-glance” and informative through engagement. Initially, I developed the product concept, identity, visual strategy, and collateral for consumer engagement. Since my initial design and creative direction work, Flavogram has become a fully realized co-branded product that spans retail POS such as signage, promotional tiles for packaging, retailer assets, and training.


Flavogram is available nationwide wherever CMI distributes fruit.

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