18  November  Posted by Elena

Design Inspiration of the Week – Book Arts

I apologize for this being a little late. It’s a little thing we call the ‘common cold’. For being so common, it sure takes its tole! Anyhow, I’m back at it.

I was lucky enough to have taken a book arts class when I attended WWU (included photo is of a few of the projects we did in that class). The art of presenting the written word is as old as written language. Communication of thoughts and ideas is where graphic design has its birthplace. Book binding is the culmination of these two things. For me, book arts was where I was able to get away from the computer, use my hands and bring my design projects to life. Today’s post focuses on a few very nice examples of beautifully bound and finished projects.


The Livestrong annual report is a beautiful example of visual communication and mixing of techniques. I love the design story.


Click here to view this project

This play program is a beautiful layout, topped off by a lovely binding. I would absolutely love to include a creative book binding in a future project.


Click here to view this project

All you out there, have a wonderful week and find something that inspires you!

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